Clatter the Pigeons on the Ridgepole Fluff: On Lisa Roberson's The Men

by Michelle Helene Mackenzie


The reigning didacticism of the give!-show! ministries demands that language be produced like cherry passion tic tacs on the tic toc of the bandmaster.  Reading Lisa Robertson opened a language beyond the insensible, resonated gestures and movements that flutter mutinous languages and intimacies.  The Men, in particular, painted the virtuosic green, shrouded the give!-show! in opal glance, deboned the edictal through skeletal aeration.  Robertson opens up a space of listening, and also of laughing at and unravelling rigidities.  


Clatter the Pigeons on the Rigdepole Fluff is a work on the influence of Lisa Robertson.  It was published in a series curated by Adra Raine in conjunction with the release of Want-Catcher, The Operating System Press (2018).